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Strategic Partners

This list of references is intentionally kept short and comprehensive. Sinolux will be pleased to share the contact details of the references of your interest.

- Petrochemicals 

     Sinopec, CNOOC, Shenhua, Ningmei, Datang, Yankuang, Exxon, Sabic

- Coal to Chemical consultancy contracts

      BP, Sasol, Total, Jiang Yin Goldenbridge, UMMC

- Development of Biodiesel Projects
      Greenergy, Becco Bio fuels, Sinopec

- Business development
      Lurgi, Roesberg, Evides, Haskoning, Nukem, Heurtey Petrochem, Prosernat, Bilfinger-                 Babcock, EDL-Poerner

- Commercialization of IP
        DICP-Dalian, CAS, Alpha Projects

- Cooperation Agreements
         CICCC, Nukem, Evides, Maison, Heurtey Petrochem, UMMC, Bilfinger